*something to remember

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0-I was dreaming for such a long time for I had no sense of how every dream could come to reality. Thus, since the moments I discovered my goals to achieve, I truly have something to push myself forward for.

1 – You are that one thing I was searching for,

just you and only you have the power to brighten up my year.

Thanks God we’re together.

3 – My flash fujica was broken. I bought a new flash camera, a Pentax one. My old teacher gave me another film camera with two lenses as a gift ( still have no time to test a roll with that camera yet ).

I also created a page even though I have to admit that I don’t take film photographs as usually as I did years ago.

3 – things that I still keep as a part of my life:

  • film cameras
  • the pleasure of buying & reading books
  • the fondness of writing letters & pressing wilted flowers

5– occasions that I cried (in a flashback):

  • the last scene of Storks
  • The alarming situation of polar bear & many heart-wrecking scenes in Infinity Challenge (a Korean tv show)
  • when I felt like I was just a slow and stupid learner after all.
  • when I had a fight with my little bro
  • when my mom kept misunderstanding me.

6– new habits I adopted in 2016:

  • watch us/uk tv talk show & TED talks
  • use my cashbook regularly
  • type on this blog as a way to document my life
  • learn how to embroider
  • say less about my personal life/ relationships on the internet
  • stay away from toxic people

7 – things I learned this year:

  • stop blaming myself ’cause i’ve always tried so hard.
  • spend money wisely :))
  • learn how to breathe.
  • embrace the Earth with action.
  • appreciate what i have.  little things matter. observe more.
  • show love. raise my voice.
  • less explaining to those don’t need it.

18 – the number of books I read in 2016. It’s not all about the quantity, though. I have no intention to increase the number, either.

23 – movies I watched in 2016.

top 6 ( in release date order):



This year was started with a heartbreak yet it has just ended with full of love.

 I’m thankful for everything and regret for nothing

I know that 2017 is going to be full of brand new experiences and it may be so much harder than 2016, but I promise to stand still and stay strong as always.

All I wish for is that people around me can be happy and healthy

and I’m still a part of their lives.


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