the rhythm of success



What’s the secret of success ?

How would you define it ?




I didn’t see it as a matter of thinking, ’til it found its way to me on an ordinary day. It had come across my head as a gleam. Then, for a moment, I thought, “that is it -the meaning of everything i try to convince people through my pieces of art.”


 I don’t need anyone to see me as an artist with a certain style repeating over and over again. I love experimenting different methods of art performance.

I want to be remember as a girl who seeks beauty in everything,

I want my work to be seen and be thought as mirrors reflecting the colors of my mind, the beating of my heart. When I say art and work, it may be a photograph, a painting, visual effect, illusion, every little wonderful thing humans are able to imagine.

I don’t hope to let you find me in frames, I just hope you feel me, deeply and dearly.

That – is – success.

Being a rainbow that you would either happy to find or pleased to immerse in it.

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